Micro dành cho nhạc cụ Shure Beta 98D/S

Giá bán:
6,006,000 VNĐ
Mã sản phẩm:
Beta 98D/S
Hãng sản xuất:
Bảo hành:
12 tháng
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  • Micro dành cho nhạc cụ Shure Beta 98D/S



    Micro dành cho nhạc cụ Shure Beta 98D/S

    High-performance mini condenser, great for live or recording

    The Shure Beta 98D/S is a high performance mini-condenser microphone designed to excel at professional sound reinforcement or recording. Its ultra-uniform supercardioid pickup pattern provides high gain before feedback and excellent rejection of unwanted noise. In addition, you can order an optional cardioid cartridge for the Beta 98D/S that lets you easily adapt the mic to different applications.

    Extended dynamic range and maximum SPL

    As the successor to the popular Shure SM98A, the Beta 98D/S features several notable improvements. Dynamic range is 4dB greater, as is headroom, while maximum SPL is 5dB higher (now 160dB!). Physically, the Beta 98D/S utilizes a thicker, beefier detachable Triple-Flex cable.

    Easy drum mounting with included mic mount

    With the unique A98D microphone drum mount (supplied), no other rim-mounted microphone stays more securely in place than the Beta 98D/S. This hardware has been redesigned for quicker, more secure, rim-mounting without the need for a drum key. Its flexible gooseneck lets you position the mic in practically any configuration, so you get a virtually unlimited choice of sound options. Its unobtrusive design and compact size help the Beta 98D/S reduce stage clutter to an absolute minimum.

    And because it bears the Shure name, you can be certain that the Beta 98D/S will withstand just about any abuse it may run across and keep delivering great sound.

    Micro dành cho nhạc cụ Shure Beta 98D/S

    Đặc tính sản phẩm Shure Beta 98D/S


    • High performance mini-condenser microphone
    • Ultra-uniform supercardioid pickup pattern
    • Optional cardioid cartridge
    • Flexible gooseneck
    • DetachableTriple-Flex cable
    • Supplied with A98D drum mount
    • Frequency Range: 20Hz to 20kHz
    • Maximum SPL: 160 dB


    Thông số kĩ thuật Shure Beta 98D/S


    Transducer Type Condenser
    Polar Pattern Supercardioid
    Frequency Response from 20 Hz
    Frequency Response to 20 KHz
    Sensitivity (dBV/Pa) -59 dBV/Pa
    Sensitivity (mV/Pa) 1,1 mV/Pa
    Weight 12 g
    Equivalent Selfnoise 35 dB(A)
    Sound Pressure 160 dB