Dual Microphone Kit SM57VIP

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  • Dual Microphone Kit Shure SM57VIP

    The SM57VIP Dual Microphone Kit is a complete package of microphones and mounting hardware for use in high-profile public speaking applications. The included hardware allows for two SM57 microphones to be mounted horizontally or vertically on a lectern or microphone stand.
    Used by every presidential administration since Lyndon B. Johnson, the SM57VIP holds a special place in American history.

    Kit includes:

    • 2 SM57 microphones
    • 1 Custom dual horizontal shock mount
    • 1 A26M vertical dual mount
    • 2 A2WS windscreens
    • 2 A81WS windscreens
    • 2 C25E cables
    • 1 A13HDB black mounting flange
    • 2 A26X black extension tubes