Micro cầm tay Shure SM89

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17,064,000 VNĐ
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12 tháng
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  • Micro cầm tay Shure SM89

    Micro cầm tay Shure SM89


    The SM89 is a highly directional condensershotgun microphone with distant pickup characteristics suitable for on-location film and television production.

    The SM89 can also be used for theater sound reinforcement, spot news coverage, or wildlife recording. The SM89 discriminates at a distance in favor of desired dialogue or effects and against ambient noise -- even in noisy surroundings. The on-axis frequency response of the SM89 is very smooth and extended.

    For clarity and speech intelligibility, a slight presence rise optimizes the high-frequency response to compensate for high-frequency losses. A low-frequency roll-off minimizes pickup of wind, mechanical vibration, ambient noise, and rumble without affecting voice frequencies.

    The off-axis response of the SM89 is virtually free of comb-filter effects. This is important when it is not possible to aim the microphone precisely or when it is desirable to pick up dialogue or sound from moving sources.


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    Designed especially for location film and TV production, theater sound reinforcement, and spot news coverage

    • Frequency Range: 80 Hz to 20 kHz
    • Highly directional polar pattern optimized for distant pickup
    • Smooth, wide on-axis response
    • Greatly suppressed side pickup with minimum comb-filter effects
    • Two low-cut frequencies, switch selectable
    • Low impedance, high sensitivity
    • Extremely low hum, noise, and RF pickup
    • Uses readily available 11 to 52 Vdc phantom supply
    • Rugged and reliable, operates over wide range of temperature and humidity
    • Extremely lightweight, can be suspended on fishpole for long periods of time without operator fatigue
    • Aircraft-grade materials used throughout
    • Supplied with foam windscreen and strong luggage-grade carrying case

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    Transducer Type Condenser
    Polar Pattern N.A.
    Frequency Response from 60 Hz
    Frequency Response to 20 KHz
    Sensitivity (dBV/Pa) -33 dBV/Pa
    Sensitivity (mV/Pa) 22,2 mV/Pa
    Weight 195 g
    Equivalent Selfnoise 16 dB(A)
    Sound Pressure 800 Ohm load: 127 dB SPL
    150 Ohm load: 119 dB SPL