Shotgun Condenser SM89

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17,064,000 VNĐ
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Bảo hành:
12 tháng
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  • Shotgun Condenser SM89

    Tính năng của sản phẩm : Shotgun Condenser SM89

    • The SM89 can be used for pickup at greater angles off-axis than is possible with other shotgun microphones. This feature permits deliberately locating the desired source up to ±30° off-axis in order to ensure that an undesired source is entirely off-axis and will not be picked up. Changes in frequency response above 1,000 Hz can then be compensated by simple equalization if necessary.

    Thông số kỹ thuật : Shotgun Condenser SM89

    • The mic’s amplifier circuit contains a hardwired high-pass filter (-15dB @ 60Hz) to reduce rumble; the filter’s effective frequency can be changed to 160Hz via a recessed switch on the mic body.
    • It ships with a carrying case and foam windscreen. A shockmount (Shure p/n A89SM) is available separately, as is a a mic clip (p/n A57F) for mounting on a conventional mic stand.
    • Shotgun (22.2 mV/Pa; 60 to 20,000 Hz)
    • Weight 195g