Bộ phát micro không dây cầm tay Shure UR2/Beta 58

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24,045,000 VNĐ
Mã sản phẩm:
UR2/Beta 58
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12 tháng
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  • Bộ phát micro không dây cầm tay Shure UR2/Beta 58



    Bộ phát micro không dây cầm tay Shure UR2/Beta 58


    Shure UR2 handheld transmitters are available in a wide variety of Shure microphone options and are built to withstand the most rigorous abuse. Part of the UHF-R Wireless system, UR2 handheld transmitters feature Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding for crystal-clear sound beyond the limits of conventional wireless technology. The UR2 is available with six microphone choices, including the popular Beta58.


    Shure UR2/Beta 58 Handheld Transmitter at a Glance


    • Employs the supercardioid Beta58 mic capsule
    • Rugged transmitter runs on AA batteries
    • Part of high-performance Shure UHF-R wireless system
    • The best sound quality from Shure's famous Audio Reference Companding

    Beta58 micro hiệu năng cao


    The Beta 58A is perhaps the ultimate live vocal mic. Its tight, consistent supercardioid pattern helps to eliminate feedback, and keeps unwanted signals from "bleeding." Shure has increased the Beta 58A's high-end frequency response (50Hz-16kHz), given it a smoother sound, and improved the internal shock mount. For all of its performance features, the Beta 58A remains one of the most rugged vocal mics in the industry. The smooth frequency response is ideal for any vocalist and any style of music.


    Bộ nhân sử dụng Pin AA


    The Shure UR2 handheld transmitter is a pro performer all the way, with a rugged die-cast body and up to 8 hours of continuous operation on two AA batteries. The UR2 features a 5-segment battery life LCD, and an on/off/mic mute switch. An LCD group/channel status indicator and a power/frequency lock are also provided.


    Một phần của hệ thống không dây Shure UHF-R hiệu năng cao


    A Shure UHF-R wireless system with a UR2 transmitter gives you the tools you need to handle large-scale, no-mistakes-allowed live situations. A Shure UHF-R system provides 2,400 selectable frequencies across a 60MHz bandwidth, with up to 40 compatible systems per band. Shure's Advance Track Tuning shifts the RF filter along with the selected frequency, maximizing signal isolation from interference. The UHF-R system also features networked automatic setup to minimize time and effort, plus infrared transmitter sync. Integrated Wireless Workbench software with Ethernet and USB compatibility gives you advanced, real-time control and monitoring of large systems. Shure's famous Audio Reference Companding technology ensures exceptional audio quality.


    Bộ phát micro không dây cầm tay Shure UR2/Beta 58


    Đặc tính sản phẩm Shure UR2/Beta 58


    • H4 band (518-578MHz)
    • Handheld mic/transmitter for Shure UHF-R wireless systems
    • One of six available microphone choices
    • Switchable RF power (10/50mW, region dependent)
    • Frequency and power lockout
    • Bit-mapped backlit LCD display
    • Runs on two AA batteries - Up to eight hours continuous use
    • Automatic transmitter setup
    • All metal die-cast construction

    Thông số kĩ thuật Shure ULX2/Beta 58


    Transmitter Frequency Range 518-578 MHz
    Form Factor Handheld
    Microphone Type Dynamic
    Polar Pattern Supercardioid
    Mute Feature Yes  
    Battery Type 2 x AA
    Battery Life 8 hours
    Frequency Response 50Hz to 16kHz
    Dynamic Range >105dB (A weighted)
    Microphone Size 10.27" x 2"
    Weight 0.694 lbs.  
    Manufacturer Part Number UR2/Beta58-H4