Bộ thu và phát kèm micro cài đầu Shure ULXD14/30

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44,584,000 VNĐ
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12 tháng
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  • Bộ thu và phát kèm micro cài đầu Shure ULXD14/30

    Bộ thu và phát kèm micro cài đầu Shure ULXD14/30

    I/ Thành phần thiết bị Shure ULXD14/30


    - ULXD1 BodyPack Wireless Transmitter

    - ULXD4 Digital Wireless Receiver

    - WH30 Wireless Headset Microphone


    1/ Shure ULXD4 Digital Wireless Receiver 

    Bộ thu và phát kèm micro cài đầu Shure ULXD14/30

    The Shure ULXD4 is a half-rack wireless receiver for use with ULX-D Digital Wireless Systems. The ULXD4 offers extremely efficient RF performance, enabling a dramatic increase in the number of simultaneous active transmitters on one TV channel. Transparent 24-bit digital audio quality with incredibly accurate low end and transient response delivers the purest reproduction of source material ever available in a wireless system.

    Intelligent scanning and one touch sync makes choosing the best frequencies and linking to transmitters incredibly fast and efficient. For applications where privacy is a requirement, AES 256-bit encryption provides government-sanctioned security. Ethernet networking allows Wireless Workbench software integration and enables computer control of receiver settings.
    Generations ahead of any other available system in its class, ULX-D brings a new level of performance to professional sound reinforcement.M/p

    Bộ thu và phát kèm micro cài đầu Shure ULXD14/30

    1.1/ Đặc tính sản phẩm Shure ULXD4


    • Up to 72 MHz tuning range
    • Digital predictive switching diversity
    • High Density mode optimizes ULX-D systems to simultaneously operate significantly more channels in applications up to 30 meters
    • Optimized scanning automatically finds, prioritizes and deploys the cleanest frequencies to transmitters over IR sync
    • Front panel gain adjustment buttons provide up to 60 dB additional gain
    • AES 256-bit encryption-enabled for applications needing secure transmission
    • Ethernet networking for streamlined setup across multiple receivers,
    • Wireless Workbench®6 (WWB6) software integration for advanced frequency coordination, monitoring, and control
    • Interference detection and alerts provided on both the receiver and WWB6
    • AMX/Crestron control-compliant
    • Compatible with the AXT600 Axient™ Spectrum Manager
    • Rugged metal chassis
    • Intuitive front panel LCD menu and controls with lockout feature
    • Upgraded LCD with adjustable contrast and brightness
    • Audio and RF LED meters with peak indicator
    • XLR and ¼” outputs
    • Remoteable ½ wave antennas
    • Furnished rack hardware


    1.2/ Thông số kĩ thuật Shure ULXD4


    Dimensions 197 mm x 171 mm x 42 mm (7.75 in. x 6.75 in. x 1.65 in.), H x W x D
    Weight 913 g (2.0 lbs), without antennas
    Housing Galvanized Steel
    Spurious Rejection >80 dB, typical
    Connector Type BNC  
    Impedance 50 Ω
    Bias Voltage 12 - 13 V DC, 170 mA maximum, per antenna
    Gain Adjustment Range -18 to +42 dB in 1 dB steps (plus Mute setting)
    Configuration 1/4” (6.35 mm): Impedance balanced (Tip=audio, Ring=no audio, Sleeve=ground)
    XLR: Balanced (1=ground, 2=audio +, 3=audio -)
    Impedance 1/4” (6.35 mm): 100 Ω (50 Ω Unbalanced)
    XLR: 100 Ω
    Full Scale Output 1/4” (6.35 mm): +12 dBV
    XLR: LINE setting= +18 dBV, MIC setting= -12 dBV
    Mic/Line Switch 30 dB pad
    Phantom Power Protection 1/4” (6.35 mm): Yes
    XLR: Yes
    Power Over Ethernet (PoE) No, protected
    Network Interface Single Port Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
    Network Addressing Capability DHCP or Manual IP address
    Maximum Ethernet Cable Length 100 m (328 ft)


    2/ Shure ULXD1 BodyPack Wireless Transmitter


    Bộ thu và phát kèm micro cài đầu Shure ULXD14/30


    The ULXD1 is a wireless bodypack transmitter compatible with ULX-D™ Digital Wireless Systems. With a rugged yet lightweight aluminum body, the ULXD1 delivers transparent audio quality and rock-solid RF transmission in a compact, easy-to-conceal design. Intuitive controls and menu screens combined with a high-contrast LCD make adjustments fast and easy, and IR sync rapidly relays setting changes to the receiver. Two AA batteries provide up to 11 hours of performance time, and advanced rechargeability options extend battery life and metering precision. Combined with a wide selection of legendary Shure microphones, the ULXD1 delivers professional wireless audio tailored for installed sound and rental applications.


    2.1/ Đặc tính sản phẩm Shure ULXD1


    • 20Hz to 20kHz range with flat frequency response (actual response is microphone dependent)
    • AES 256-bit encryption-enabled for applications where secure transmission is needed
    • Proprietary Shure Gain Ranging optimizes the system’s dynamic range for any input source, eliminating the need for transmitter gain adjustments
    • Shure SB900 lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides more than 12 hours of battery life, precision metering, and zero memory effect
    • External charging contacts for docked charging (with the SBC200 Dual Docking Charger)
    • Up to 11 hours continuous use with 2 x AA batteries
    • 5 segment battery fuel gauge (For non-Shure branded batteries)
    • Backlit LCD with easy to navigate menu and controls
    • 100 meter (300 feet) operating range
    • 4-pin TQG connector
    • Rugged metal construction
    • Detachable ¼ wave antenna (Not applicable to Japan)
    • Frequency and power lockout


    2.2/ Thông số kĩ thuật Shure ULXD1


    Gain Offset Range 0 to 21 dB (in 3 dB steps)
    Battery Type Shure SB900: >12 hours
    Alkaline: 11 hours
    Dimensions 86 mm x 66 mm x 23 mm (3.4 in. x 2.6 in. x 0.9 in.) H x W x D
    Weight 142 g (5.0 oz.), without batteries
    Housing Cast aluminum
    Connector 4-Pin male mini connector (TA4M), See drawing for details
    Configuration Unbalanced
    Impedance 1 MΩ
    Maximum Input Level
    1 kHz at 1% THD
    Pad Off: 8.5 dBV (7.5 Vpp)
    Pad On: 20.5 dBV (30 Vpp)
    Preamplifier Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)
    System Gain Setting ≥ +20
    120 dBV, A-weighted, typical
    Connector SMA
    Antenna Type 1/4 wave
    Impedance 50 Ω
    Occupied Bandwidth <200 kHz
    Modulation Type Shure Proprietary Digital
    Power 1 mW, 10 mW, 20 mW br/> See Frequency Range and Ouput Power table, varies by region


    3/ WH30 Wireless Headset Microphone


    Bộ thu và phát kèm micro cài đầu Shure ULXD14/30


    The Shure Model WH30 is a light yet rugged headset microphone. Designed for vocalists and instrument-playing vocalists, the WH30 utilizes a high quality electret-condenser cartridge suitable for all applications where mobility, comfort, low microphone-visibility, and high sound quality are required. Because of its cardioid (unidirectional) pickup pattern, the WH30 provides isolation from extraneous sound sources and high gain-before-feedback.
    The wireframe and gooseneck adjust to any head size and shape. An integrated elastic headband comfortably pads and secures the headset. The WH30 is supplied with two snap-on windscreens, clothing clip, storage bag and cable-management device.


    3.1/ Đặc tính hệ thống Shure WH30


    • Smooth, natural frequency response comparable to professional condenser hand-held microphones
    • Lightweight wireframe and headband adjust for a secure, comfortable fit
    • Extra-strong, small-diameter microphone cable resists breakage
    • Moisture-proof cartridge housing
    • Sturdy gooseneck-boom holds mic securely in place
    • lsolation shock mount for reduced handling noise
    • Matte black finish for low visibility
    • High input clipping level helps avoid overload distortion
    • Low self-noise and high sound pressure level capability
    • Reliable at temperature and humidity extremes

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