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Bàn trộn 8 kênh Shure SCM810

Giá bán:
39,103,000 VNĐ
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Bảo hành:
12 tháng
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  • Shure SCM810: Bàn trộn 8 kênh

    Shure SCM810


    This eight-channel automatic mixer features the Shure patented IntelliMix®, which activates only microphones being addressed, minimizing poor audio caused by multiple open microphones.

    The SCM810 is designed specifically for installed sound applications. 

    Features include adjustable EQ per channel, 48 V phantom power, active balanced microphone - or line-level inputs, line-level outputs, highly RF resistant chassis and circuitry, complete logic control of microphone activation, linking capacity for up to 400 microphones, with an internal power supply. 120/230 Vac power.


    Đặc tính nổi bật của Shure SCM810


    • Eight balanced mic-line input channels (Phoenix block connectors)
    • One unbalanced 1/4" aux level input
    • Eight unbalanced 1/4" direct line level outputs
    • One balanced master line level output (Phoenix block connector)
    • Selectable 46V phantom power per channel
    • Level selectable peak output limiter
    • Full rack width (single rack height)


    Thông số kĩ thuật Shure SCM810


    Inputs 8 - Removable Block Connectors, balanced microphone or line level input
    Output 8 - Direct Outputs (ch 1-8) 1/4" Phone jacks
    Monitor/Headphone Out 1 - 1/4" TRS Phone jack (Headphone)
    ALT I/O 1 - AUX line input 1/4" Phone (front panel)
    1 - Microphone Logic connection DB25 male connector
    Link Input/Output 2 - Link In / Link Out 1/4" Phone jacks
    Impedance Input MIC: Designed for use with 19-600 ohm load, 1.6k ohms actual, -15dBv clipping level
    LINE: Designed for use with - / < 2k ohm load, 10k ohms actual, +22dBV clipping level
    AUX: Designed for use with - / < 2k ohm load, 10k ohms actual, +22dBV clipping level
    SEND/RETURN: Designed for use with - / < 2k ohm load, 10k ohms, +18dBV
    LINE: Designed for use with >600 ohm load, 60 ohms actual, +18dBV clipping level
    HEADPHONES: Designed for use with 8-200 ohms, 60 ohm recommended, 300 ohms actual, +12dBV clipping level
    DIRECT OUT: Designed for use with > 2k ohm load, 1k ohms actual, +18dBV clipping level
    SEND/RETURN: Designed for use with > 2k ohm load, 1k ohms actual, +18dBV clipping level
    Gain Low-impedance mic (150 ohms)Input: Line 80dB, Headphones 88dB, Direct Out 34dB - Outputs
    Line Input: Line 40dB, Headphones 48dB, Direct Out -6dB - Outputs
    Aux Input: Line 44dB, Headphones 52dB, - Outputs
    Send/Return Input: Line 20dB, Headphones 28dB - Outputs
    Hum & Noise Equivalent Input Noise: -125dBV (150 ohm source; through 400Hz - 20kHz filter)
    Equivalent Input Hum and Noise: -123 dBV (150 ohm source; through 20Hz - 20kHz filter)
    Output Hum and Noise: Master full counterclockwise -90dBV, Master full clockwise -70dBV (through 20Hz to 20kHz filter; channel controls full clockwise)
    Frequency Response 50Hz to 20kHz +/- 2dB; -3dB corner at 25 Hz (Ref 1 kHz, channel controls centered)
    Distortion < 0.1% @ +4 dBu output level, 50Hz to 20kHz
    Metering 4 segment LED's
    Controls Sealed Rotary Pots: Microphone channels 1-8, AUX input, Headphone and Master gain controls
    Recessed Rotary Controls: Low Cut Filter and High- Frequency Shelving channels 1-8
    Phantom Power Switches located in rear
    Operating Temperature OOperating: 0 to 60 degrees C (32 to 140 degrees F)
    Storage: -30 to 70 degrees C (-20 to 165 degrees F)
    Power SCM810: 120 Vac rated nominal, 50/60Hz, 200mA
    SCM810E: 230 Vac rated nominal, 50/60Hz, 100mA
    Dimensions 1.75 x 19.13 x 12.4 (44.5 x 483 x 317mm) (H x W x D)
    Weight 9.57 lbs (4.3kg)